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Monthly Archives: March 2012

5 Ways To Clear Your Head

  Right now I am staring at both the oddly-shaped hole and water stains in my ceiling…and I am thankful. You might be wondering something like, “Have you lost your mind?” My answer is, “yes.” Well parts of my mind at least and I want to explain how I did it.

5 Ways To Get Off Your “Deserted Island”

  Have you ever played the “deserted island” game? You know, the one where people ask you questions about what would be the one thing you would take, eat or do if you found yourself stranded on a deserted island.   I have not only been asked to play this game many times about exercise and nutrition, but I have also written about my potential answers.

Can You Change Your Plans?

  Over the last three weeks, I have traveled more than you might travel in an entire year. During that time, I have experienced a number of what you might call “First-World” problems:   -My rental car stunk of mold -My kids’ ferret got fleas -My parent-teacher conference started an hour after expected -My company webinar crashed 5 minutes before conclusion -My projector wire was broken -My house roof sprung a leak -My shower needs to be replaced -My car’s voice recognition software didn’t work   In addition to those “challenges,” I was served coffee that was too hot in North Carolina and pizza that was too cold in New Jersey.

5 Things To Appreciate Today

  Are you impressed by the things around you on a daily basis? If not, today is your reminder to appreciate the “magic” that surrounds you every day.   Take a few seconds to contemplate these facts. Do you realize right now you are reading ideas from my mind that were typed into a machine and then somehow sent to you from one of the most remote spots on planet Earth?

Can Deadlifts And Broccoli Save Your Life?

  Did you ever get excited about a new workout or diet program only to find it too complex or confusing to follow? Even though you started with great intentions, you probably learned an important truth about yourself and other people:   When people are faced with too many options, they usually choose to do nothing at all.

5 Celebrity Lessons From Hollywood

  Have you ever been “star-struck?”   There is something interesting that happens to people when they find themselves around a celebrity. While some people will freeze up or stop and point, the reaction is usually similar. People will look at the person, let other people around them know who the celebrity is, click a few photos, but usually not take any further action to learn what it takes to be a star.

5 Lessons You Should Learn From Your Car

  I want to start by saying I am NOT a “car guy.” I have never spent my time looking under hoods, attending car shows or watching Top Gear. If something is wrong with your car besides low air pressure in the tires, I am not the person to call.

5 Lessons From A Time Machine

  What if you had the ability to go 20 years back in time? Would you do it? Are there any things about your life you would like to go back and change? Would you try to win the lottery? How about meeting someone famous from history?

31 Ways To Look And Act Younger

  This weekend I was back in my home state of New Jersey to present. The event was a blast and I am always honored to take photos at the end of the show. If you have seen photos of me, you have probably noticed my signature “warrior face” pose.

Are You A “Yes” or “No” Kind Of Person?

  Do you have everything you want right now in terms of your career, personal fitness, and relationships? If not, then I know something about you: you are good at taking “no’s” from yourself. Confused? Let me explain.   This weekend I held a TFW Certification in Dover, New Hampshire.