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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Best Job Advice You Will Ever Get

I came to a startling realization today.  I have now spent over 20 years and half of my adult life as a member of the “Work Force.”  Over those two decades, I was surprised to look back and see I have earned money performing a number of different jobs (and a few that might surprise you). 

Do You Break These 3 Laws?

According to a man named Murphy, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”
Although I think his “law” may be overstated, I did have a number of brushes with Murphy this weekend in Boston.  First, the airport baggage handlers lost my display case. 


Although it was before 7am and I had just driven two hours from Auburn University in Alabama to the Atlanta airport, I used the commute to review the weekend and recharge my excitement from presenting for over 300 students from 26 different colleges about coaching. 

The Best Medicine EVER: Your Prescription Inside…

Let me tell you about a new medicine being developed by scientists.  This medicine has been shown to alleviate anxiety and pain as a result of endorphin release. It is also now being associated with improved immune function, increased heart health and an ability to lower blood sugar. 

What Does $30,000 Mean To You?

Anyone who knows me, will tell you I’m frugal. I don’t take that as an insult, but as both a compliment and proof I have respect for money and its power. When I am told I can hold on to a quarter so tight that I actually make the eagle on it scream, I think back with pride how I was taught to make every cent count.

Are You “Informational” or “Transformational”?

A Coach is often there to remind you a LITTLE change can in thinking can make a BIG difference.
I have four questions for you that will change the way you think about fitness:
Do you know any nutritional benefits of broccoli?

Are You A Trainer Or A Coach?

Growing up, my dad was always a stickler about words.  He would tell me to never use a word while speaking or writing if I didn’t have an clear understanding of what that word meant.  He warned me using words improperly could lead to sounding inappropriate, or worst case, downright stupid.

The Happy Hour Scene At My Favorite Bar

I am going to let you in on a secret about me.  The first few weeks of February are always the toughest weeks of the year for me to get inspired to workout.  Yes, even I sometimes find it difficult to throw on the sweats, lace up the shoes and hit the gym. 

Five Super Bowl Commercial Ideas You May Have Missed

I hope you recovering from the usual excitement of sport and excess of food that comes along with enjoying the Super Bowl yesterday.  If you are like me, you may have been able to go right to bed after the energy and excitement of the game.

11 Ways To Make Sure You Travel First Class

I am writing this while sitting on a ten and a half hour flight back from Europe.  Over the last 5 days, I had the opportunity to present to over 500 people in 4 different Danish cities.  As always, I get invigorated from presenting, but I must admit looking long flights in the face can be daunting.