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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The #1 QUESTION That Can Solve All Your Diet Problems

  As a “fitness guy,” you might think working out and eating right is easy for me. Maybe you believe I spend my time in between multiple workouts a day eating brussel sprouts and grilled chicken with nothing but a smile on my face because of some enhanced ability to delay gratification.

The 5 T’s To Improve Your Memory

  Great ideas surround you all the time, but this fact won’t make you any more valuable. The only way for you to have or become more is to put those great ideas to work.   As the past week ended, I was coming up empty in the “Next Big Blog Idea” department.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

  Did you ever find yourself looking for something only to eventually find it was right in front of you the whole time, but you couldn’t see it? You might answer, “Yes, that happens every once in a while,” but over the last few weeks I was reminded it happens much more than you think.

10 Life Lessons I Learned From Surfing

  When Was The Last Time You Were REALLY BAD?   For me, it was this week in Southern California. The venue was Huntington Beach, a stretch of 10 miles of known for its beach culture that earned it the nickname, “Surf City.” Days before, the beach hosted the annual U.S.

4 Ways To Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunity

  Do you like surprises? Yesterday my family pulled off one of the biggest surprises we have ever attempted on my daughter Keira.   My family has spent the last week in California. The reason we are here is because of Keira’s 7th birthday.

6 Ways To Get People INVOLVED In What You Do

  Have you ever been told to, “Be careful for what you wish for, because you just might get it?” If you are like me, you probably have and also used to answer that statement with a sarcastic, “Yeah, right.” Challenges when your dreams come true?

How To Be A Super Hero

  Your birthday is a big day. Not only does this day signify another 365 days you have spent on Earth, but it can also be one of the few checkpoints you have during the year to measure your growth personally and professionally.

5 Lessons How To Be A ROCK STAR

  Here is a lesser known fact about me:  I went to the same high school as Jon Bon Jovi.   I can remember when his career exploded.  As proof of being a fan, I lifted weights in my basement to one of his original demo cassettes (yes cassettes!), took a half day off school when they gave away his childhood home on MTV, and go with “Living On A Prayer” when a karaoke mic is in my hand. 

This News Is Going To SCARE You!

  Lately an interesting “conspiracy” has started in my house and I know all my kids are in on it.  Aside from my four daughters always being generous with hugs, there is recently another way they seem to be showing their affection: trying to scare the heck out of their old man.

Did You Ever Get Stoned?

  If you ever get a chance to go to Edinburgh, Scotland, there is one place you will have no choice but to see; the Edinburgh Castle.  This landmark is nestled high in the center of the city on an ancient volcano.