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Monthly Archives: March 2012

How To Create Your Next Masterpiece

Few things calm my mind like walking.  I am not sure about you, but when I head out on a walk in a new place, my mind has no choice but to wander.  Since I was presenting for over 300 trainers this weekend, I took to the streets of Chicago to explore and relax. 


Over the last three days, I have had some really cool opportunities and experiences. I attended a full NFL practice for the Carolina Panthers, got a private tour of top Nascar team Joe Gibbs Racing headquarters, presented for over 120 young women at a future leadership event and rode the fastest and tallest Giga Roller Coaster in the world. 

5 Simple Steps To Catch Your Next Big Fish

Summer is officially here in my house.  The kids are out of school and now that they don’t have to get up as early, I have taken my daughters fishing the last couple of nights.  I can remember doing the same thing with my dad. 

Which Way Do You Think?

I am back in Seattle for the third time this year.  I have been lucky to have enjoyed nothing but sun during the three trips.  Each time I visit, I get to see new places and continue to see Seattle as a city growing with energy and culture. 

How Will You Leave Your Signature?

Last week I had the chance to cross the borders of different countries by car.  When I crossed over from Slovenia into Croatia, I didn’t realize how rare this was for me until I was stopped at a border checkpoint. When I asked the border patrolman if I could have a stamp of the country in my passport he asked me, “Why?”  My answer was simple: “I want to be able to look back and remember I was here.”
When I reflected on my answer of those simple words, I recognized they were quite profound. 

Most Important Distance You Will Travel Today

This will be my final message from Slovenia and the second this week that I am writing while inspired and riding in a car.  If you didn’t know, Slovenia is a small country.  Not just in the size of their coffees (I had one served up in a cup the size of a thimble!) but also in terms of total area. 

You Have To Win The Small Battles To Win The War

Life is war.
I spent the last week presenting and traveling in Slovenia and Croatia.  Now able to reflect on the week, I realize the countries and cities were not what I had expected.  The cities of Ljubljana and Bled in Slovenia were more beautiful than any photos can do justice. 

Are You One IN Or One OF A Million?

This blog consists of a number of personal “firsts.”  For the first time, I am writing a newsletter while riding in a car.  During the ride, I am also getting my first view of the Julian Alps since I am Slovenia for the first time. 

How A Chin Up Can Change Your Life

This is one of the most difficult blogs I have ever had to write.  Writing about personal issues is never easy.  But when it is a message that everyone can benefit from, my responsibility is to share.
As a fitness professional, part of my job is traveling around the world presenting in hopes something I say can help someone else become more mentally or physically fit. 

Are You Your Own Coach Or Critic?

Over the last 8 weeks, I have had the opportunity to present in front of thousands in Alabama, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington, Nevada, and Florida (with a trip to the Bahamas squeezed in there too!).  Although these trips involved a lot of flights, hotel rooms, and protein bars, the good news was that I was never alone.