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Bring Out The Warrior Within

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March 5, 2012 Upper Body Day

Ignite your Inner Warrior and bring out your competitive drive!
Test yourself, break records and compete against other members

Monday March 5, 2012 Upper Body Day


Barbell Bench Press 4×5
Incline DB Press 3×8

Weighted Pull-Up 3×8
Barbell Row 3×10

Dips 3×10
DB Skull Crushers 3×10

Hanging Knee Raise 3×15
Ab Crunch Feet Up 3×25
Knee Grabs 3×25


Decrease/Increase the reps or intensity accordingly if this Hurricane does not fit your fitness level.

The page numbers refer to our Ultimate Warrior Workouts book

Click here for an explanation of Hurricane Training and to see the different levels of difficulty.

Post your pictures and results on our TFW Facebook Page to be featured in a future HOW

* Do this workout at your own risk. Any exercise program carries with it some risk and we are not responsible for injuries sustained from this one. You should consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.