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Bring Out The Warrior Within

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Join The Resistance

There was once a major war going on in the world, and the future of humanity depended on the outcome. One side of the fight had a set of horrific ideals and a master plan to spread its propaganda throughout the world. Within an occupied country of this regime, however, a small faction of the population began to resist and fight back against this tyranny. These people came from different nationalities, religions and classes for fighting for what is right knows not of race, color or creed. No matter the risk, these people would take every opportunity to sabotage the efforts of the enemy. While outrageously outnumbered in a world in which most were against them, these men and women bravely persisted for that which they believed. As a result of there underground efforts, these heroes became known as the Resistance.

Although it may not be as publicized, today there is another major war which holds of the future of humanity in the balance. Instead of territory, this war battles over the health and fitness of the world’s population. Again, one powerful side of the fight is armed with a marketing plan of propaganda. This time, however, this group is hell bent on softening the minds and fattening the bodies of as many people as possible. In our world of ever growing rates of obesity, cancer, diabetes, over-medication and sedentary lifestyles, a faction of men and women on the other side of the fight has begun to push back. While outrageously outnumbered in a world in which most people are against them, these men and women persist for that which they believe. These are the new heroes of the Resistance.

Fact: The world is not set up for you to live healthy. Actually, the world really doesn’t want you to be fit! Food has become less nutrient dense and there are daily meetings being held to make sure it continues. Right now there is a group figuring out how to create ways to keep our children more sedentary. As a result of this army’s efforts, self esteem, fitness and confidence are being hammered to an all-time low.


Fact: People living a fitness lifestyle are outnumbered. Actually, the world often portrays this minority of people interested in their caloric expenditure, workouts and body fat as “obsessed” or “insane.” These people meet opposition as a result of their beliefs and habits at every meal, family function and work environment. As a result of these crusader’s efforts, health and fitness still maintain a small, yet powerful foothold worldwide.


What’s the Password?

The Resistance is a clandestine operation. As you read this blog, perhaps you are unsure on which side of the fight you stand. Ask yourself the following ten questions. If you answer “yes” to 6 or more of them, consider yourself a member of the Resistance. If you answer “yes” to 8 or more, consider yourself known as “crazy” to anyone that is not a member. If you answer “yes” to all 10 questions, I am sure you did it with a defiant and proud smile.

1. Have you ever been made to feel guilty while ordering order a salad at a restaurant by your associates?

2. Are you excited that fish oil now comes in flavors other than rotted fish?

3. Do you hate having to explain yourself at family get-togethers about why you are not eating dessert?

4. Have you ever been pressured in a bar by friends because you aren’t drinking?

5. Do you hear “a little piece isn’t gonna kill you,” more than six times per year?

6. Would you be more excited to find out than Blueberries are 2 for 5 dollars instead of Big Macs?

7. Do you think a Friday night, holiday or vacation is a great time to get a workout, not skip one?

8. Are you the only person you know that doesn’t make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight?

9. Do you have a piece of exercise equipment in your house and actually use it.

10. Have you ever been negatively referred to as a “Health Nut”, “Fitness Freak”, or a “Gym Rat?”



Resistance Is Healthy

The questions above were created to do two things: remind you that you will experience negative reactions while pursuing a healthy lifestyle and that you are not alone. The resistance you receive shows you are doing the right thing. People are resisting you not because you are wrong, but because they feel guilty that they are not healthy. They have not reached their fitness goals so they will try their best to stop you from reaching yours.

You know resistance in the gym is healthy. You won’t get results without it. Resistance on the body is the most important thing you need to develop strength and growth. The whole point of training is learning how to apply it correctly. The same holds true for living a healthy lifestyle. Take the resistance you receive from the opposition and let it strengthen your character and resolve.



The Resistor’s Mindset

As a member of the Resistance, know it will be hard to stay the course. Difficult decisions will face you at every turn. You may feel like giving in. Here are three tips to be sure you are ready to fight the good fight of fitness.

1. Change Your “Got To’s” into “Get To’s”

So many unfortunately view working out or eating well as something that they have “got” to do. Members of the resistance, however, are better served when they view it as something that they “get” to do. Instead of thinking about these things as difficulties or challenges, choose instead to view them as luxuries and opportunities. When you switch your “got to’s” to “get to’s” I promise staying a member of the Resistance won’t be a hardship. It will be a privilege.

2. Add A “To” Onto Your “In”

When you attended school, were you “in” school or were you “into” school? The chances are that you were only in it. To be a member of the Resistance, however, you cannot be “in” fitness, you need to be “into” fitness. When you get “into” something, not only do you get interested, but your energy becomes contagious and gets other people interested too.

3. Don’t Be A “Nowhere” Man

The world doesn’t make living healthy easy. In fact, it is trying daily to convert you to the other side. How you view the seven letters above will perhaps determine if you are a lifelong member of the Resistance, or just a one-time member. When you can’t seem to find something healthy to eat or a place to workout, persist to do the right thing. When a healthy option seems “Nowhere” in sight, persist knowing that there is always an opportunity “Now Here.”

Viva La Resistance!