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Alter Your Reality

2012 ended for me in exhilarating fashion. I was honored to corner fighter Jim Miller at UFC 155. Not only did he win “Fight of the Night” as a result of his impressive performance, but he also became the winningest lightweight division fighter in UFC history. A few hours before showtime, I sat in my room at the MGM Grand Casino staring out the window thinking about how best to motivate Jim for the fight. I was looking for a “sign” and immediately found one. On the side of the building, there was a huge advertisement for the magician David Copperfield that read, “Alter Your Reality.” Those three words gave me what I needed.

In the last decade “reality shows” have become some of the most watched shows on TV. From Candid Camera where it all started to the Real World, American Idol and Jersey Shore, people have become both attracted to and consumed by the drama of reality television. But is this really reality? Unfortunately for everyone watching to be more interested in someone else’s reality than their own, that sounds more like fantasy to me.

I am not sure why we are so attracted to the trials and tribulations of other people’s lives instead of our own, but I do understand people are drawn to the ridiculous. Hey, if you want to spend a little time and brainpower watching Honey Boo-Boo eat straight from the soft-serve ice cream machine or Snooki get arrested in a drunken stupor, that is your prerogative. Just make sure you worry about the direction of your reality show before that of the Swamp People. If you don’t think you are familiar with Reality TV, answer these questions and see if your own show should be higher in the ratings:

Are you more concerned about who “The Donald” will fire next, than if your own job is in jeopardy?


Do you waste time wondering how the Duck Dynasty and Kardashian families have so much fun together or do you invest time to improve the relationships of your own?


Have you sat and relaxed watching the Biggest Loser instead of taking a stand by working hard to make sure you don’t become one?


Did you ever complain how much money the Real Wives of Beverly Hills have, or do you see “Who wants to be a millionaire” as a personal challenge.

Not happy with some of your answers? Here are 8 tips to make sure your Reality Show becomes the next big hit:

1. Remember The Camera Is Always On

People are always watching how you act and how you act influences the world’s treatment of you. Since people act differently when the camera is on them, make sure it brings out your best. If you are going to act, might as well be sure that the camera captures your “good” side.

2. Become An Instant Celebrity

So many people are spectators in his or her own show. So many people are afraid to ask life for more. We all have wants and dreams, but are often content not to have them. Average people have become instant celebrities because they are part of a reality show. If these ordinary people can do it, why can’t you? Imagine you are a celebrity and you’ll start having different expectations for yourself.

3. Cut The Drama

Most people major in the minor things of life. People get themselves upset now over little things they surely won’t be worried about later. Instead of looking for crises, look for the good in the situations you experience. One way to make sure your show stays positive is to remember one can make you sad or upset but you. Your reactions to other people’s behaviors that makes that happen and those are under your direction.

4. Get Real

Growing up, the odds are that you have been typecast into a certain “role.” Instead of following convention, follow your dreams and be the person you want to be, not the person someone else wants. Don’t typecast yourself. Break the mold and remember that the hardest character to grow up and play is often yourself.

5. Choose New Cast Members

If your current cast is either driving you nuts or keeping you down, it is time for a casting call. Your show will be determined in part by the strength and depth of its cast members. Since you are the director of this show, make sure you know when it is time to replace some hacks with some fresh talent.

6. Pick Out Your Prize

Many reality shows use the concept of a game or have some sort of “prize” as the conclusion. This prize is often the motivation to make the stars do incredible things. What’s the prize for which you strive? You need to create it, set a deadline and go for it as if the whole world was watching.

7. Throw Out The Script

Many of us were given a script by our parents or community to follow. The way you carry out this script can affect your thoughts, actions and destiny. If you are unhappy with your lines, you have the freedom to go ahead and write your own. The most famous shows in history started with a fresh slate.

8. Change the Channel

Today there are hundreds of channels available for many tastes and interests. If you don’t like your current career or life focus, you can always change the channel to what stimulates you more. Reality shows have proven people can make money when they follow and surround themselves with their passion. You can do that at any time. It is as simple as that.