Are You One IN Or One OF A Million?

Are You One IN Or One OF A Million?

This blog consists of a number of personal “firsts.”  For the first time, I am writing a newsletter while riding in a car.  During the ride, I am also getting my first view of the Julian Alps since I am Slovenia for the first time.  Over the last two days, I have seen my first Slovenian castles, had my first tastes of Slovenian food and will be giving my first presentations in this country.  Even in a country of firsts for me, I have learned during my trip that there are many familiar things when it comes to the people.

While here in Slovenia, I have met millionaire entrepreneurs and also citizens that seemed to have no hope for or faith in success.  This mindset, however, is not unique to this country.  In my travels, I have found the same thought processes in dozens of countries around the globe.  This lead me to ask people here, “Why do some people succeed and some don’t?”  I received answers that revolved around the economy, the taxes and the size of the country.  Here is my answer: It is not the size of the country that chooses your success, it is the size of your thoughts.

Slovenia has a population of 2 million people.  Some of the people I met here thought the number was a disadvantage and others thought it was an advantage for being successful. But as the people continued to talk, I found the answer:  Some saw themselves as one OF two million and others one IN two million.  The way they thought controlled what they believed.  What they believed controlled how they acted.  How they acted controlled the level of success. Watch this video where I explain more:


Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 09.50.21


But enough about the people here.  How about you?  Are you one IN two million?  Or are you one OF two million?  Not sure?  Here are two quick lists to help you with your answer.


Want to be one OF two million?


  1. Do Follow The Crowd
  2.  Don’t listen to your gut
  3.  Do what is popular
  4.  Don’t Challenge Past Ideas
  5.  Do what you are told
  6.  Don’t Develop Your Vision
  7.  Do things the way they were always done
  8.  Don’t work Hard
  9.  Do Copy Other People
  10.  Don’t try anything new Copy other people
  11.  Do Look for excuses
  12.  Don’t Take Any risks
  13.   Do Become part of every fad
  14.   Don’t speak your mind
  15.   Do Be afraid to fail
  16.   Don’t Surround Yourself With successful people
  17.   Do Be Easily Swayed By Others
  18.   Don’t Get Good At Something You Don’t Like
  19.   Do Embrace Fear
  20.   Don’t Chase Your Dreams


slovenia dragon


Want to be one IN two million?


  1. Follow Your Heart
  2. Find is a better way
  3. Spend Time On what you want
  4. Say “Why Not?”
  5. Think differently
  6. Embrace and use your gifts
  7. Chase your passion
  8. Create your own standards
  9. Speak the truth
  10. Step out of Your comfort zone
  11. Test your limits
  12. Pursue Mastery of your craft
  13. Surround yourself with People That Challenge You
  14. Take chances
  15. Have faith in your Purpose
  16. Use Innovation
  17. Hold Yourself Accountable
  18. Be Polite
  19. Stay Confident
  20. Believe in Yourself


I know there are many more examples that you could add to this list.  But one thing should be clear:  It is not how many people living around you that creates your success.  Your success, or lack thereof, is up to you.  Maybe this is hard for you to accept.  I know it was here, but then I used a sporting example.  Even with Slovenia’s small population, they have had exceptional results in sport.  In fact, at the last Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Slovenia earned the most medals per capita of all the countries in the world. It’s not that people here can’t be great, maybe they don’t always choose to.

Success comes first from changing your mindset.  If you didn’t like the answer you found, it is never too late to do something about it.  Use the lists as your guides.  Take some action from the second list and challenge yourself to become “One In A Million.”


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