The TFW Level 1 Instructor Course

Training For WarriorsAre you a coach, trainer, therapist, athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for a system that can combine the current trends in fitness and motivation to get results?  Are you interested in being part of a two-day learning experience that can help you make more money and attract more clients?  If your answer is “yes,” the TFW Level 1 Certification course is a must for you.

Since the launch of the TFW Certification three years ago, there have been over 4,000 trainers worldwide that have attended the course and become Warrior Certified TM in the TFW System.  In today’s world of fitness courses, Training For Warriorsthere are many choices for educational events.  Most of these courses are about the use of individual tools for training.  What separates the Training for Warriors certification from other events is that this course not only shows you how to put everything together into a logical system for success, but also gives you the coaching and practical steps to actually make it happen.




Training For WarriorsMore than just an informative course, the TFW Level 1 Certification has been called “an experience.”  Although the Certification was created to allow you to increase your knowledge base and apply the TFW system in a safe and effective manner, most attendees remark that the event also improved their lives in a number of areas. By having a comprehensive system to follow that encompasses warm-ups, strength training, speed training, nutrition, flexibility and program design, you will be better able to produce results with your own training as well with your clients.  With the inspiration provided by the event, however, you will also be able to take on other challenging areas of your life more successfully as well.

Training For WarriorsThe certification will occur over two full days of lecture and hands on learning. Martin Rooney, the founder of Training For Warriors, leads the certification the entire time in a productive atmosphere that offers personalized attention to each attendee.  Martin will share the secrets that have helped him to create a business, brand, and a living while still enjoying life.  Both days of the event will include both lecture and hands-on training.  Each attendee receives a TFW Instructor Manual in order to take detailed notes on the course.  At the completion of the course, the attendees also receive a Warrior Certified™ Certificate and Warrior Band.


Day One of the course covers the introduction to the Training for Warriors System, the 10 Rules of the TFW Approach, Advanced Evaluation techniques including the TFW Mobility Screen and Performance Tests, the TFW Warm-Up and the Warrior Challenges.

Day Two covers the signature Hurricane Methods including Bar Complexes, Medicine Ball Training and Tabatas, the “Warrior 20” Nutrition Philosophy, Coaching Strategies behind the TFW system and Program Periodization and Design.


Although it is important to go through the physical portion of the course, the information delivered is still considered the most important piece.  If you are worried about your own physical ability or past injuries that might limit your performance, know that you are not evaluated on your physical ability, but more on your ability to absorb the information and coach.

There is a brief examination given at the end of the course.  Although the test is optional, you will be required to pass in order to achieve the rights and privileges associated with being a certified TFW Level 1 Coach.

The Training for Warriors Certification is recommended for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, athletes, martial artists, physical therapists, and any fitness minded individual interested in improving his or her knowledge base and skills toward performance enhancement.  If you are looking to take your training and coaching games to the next level, or just need an event to help you bring out your own inner warrior, then the TFW Level 1 Certification is for you.