Most Important Distance You Will Travel Today

Most Important Distance You Will Travel Today

This will be my final message from Slovenia and the second this week that I am writing while inspired and riding in a car.  If you didn’t know, Slovenia is a small country.  Not just in the size of their coffees (I had one served up in a cup the size of a thimble!) but also in terms of total area.  In fact, the country is so small that if you drive an hour in three different directions, you can be out of the country and in your choice of either Italy, Austria or Croatia.


After speaking with many Slovenian people over the week, the size of the country was often viewed as a disadvantage.  I heard statements like, “it is difficult to succeed because the country is small,” and “if the country was as big as yours, there would be more opportunity.”  I had to think about those ideas.  I remember driving 40 hours by myself across the United States.  And I wasn’t even all the way across!  Did that have anything to do with the success of the people here?  I will say I have to disagree.


While I was in Slovenia (and another small country Croatia as well), yes I saw some people that met challenges.  I also saw more Ferraris and Lamborghinis than I have ever seen in one place in the US as well.  I also saw 100 foot yachts and met thriving business people too. (Now I know these are not the only ways to measure success, but let’s at least agree they could be one of them.) How were these people able to succeed financially in such a “small country?”  My suggestion is that these people were able to travel a more important distance more wisely.


What is the most important distance?  I will give you three hints:

1. It takes much less than an hour to cross.

2. No matter where you are from the distance is the same for everyone.

3. Everyone has a choice each day how to make the trip.

Stumped? This distance is the 6 inches in between your ears!




It is not the size of your country, but the size of your thoughts that determines your success.  How a thought travels around on those 6 inches will determine everything about your life.  When thoughts make that journey, they become the things that you BELIEVE, and what you believe influences your actions.  The actions you take will then influence your opportunities and ultimately your destiny.


Constantly thinking about something a certain way leads to what you believe.  When you look at the word BELIEVE, you might be interested to find there is a little word inside: LIE.  So, your little thoughts making the 6 inch trip between your ears sometimes have to get past some LIEs in order to believe in the right thing.  Maybe you have heard some of these lies before?  Here is a quick little list of ten classic lies which are difficult to get past on the 6 inch road to success:


“I can’t do it.”

“It will never happen.”

“The economy is bad.”

“Life isn’t fair.”

“Someone else deserves it.”

“It’s not my responsibility.”

“It’s his or her fault.”

“I don’t have the talent, looks, skills, or luck.”

“It’s impossible.”

“This is the way is has always been done.”


There will be many other lies you will face on those 6 inches.  The goal is to recognize them for what they are, change the thought and get past them.  Change the trip a thought takes on those 6 inches between your ears and you can change your life. You will face all those lies at some point or another.  The more successful people just get past them.  In order to reach your dreams, you will have to get past them too.

Martin Rooney Jumping Shot Croatia



If you agree with what I have written, then you know, it doesn’t matter where you live or the size of the country or town where you are from, it matters what you believe about yourself.  Greatness, as it has throughout history, can come from anywhere. The sad part is that mediocrity can come from anywhere too.  The choice is yours.  And it starts today by taking a new path on that 6 inch journey between your ears.


Want to improve your trip across this distance?  One place you can travel is to the TFW Certification.  Over 3500 people like you have taken the trip and improved his or her skills.  Now it is your turn.

The upcoming 2015 Dates are in:

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Life is a trip.  How you think along the way will determine if the journey will offer you what you want or what you don’t.

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