Are You Ready For An Upgrade?

Are You Ready For An Upgrade?

Upgrades are around you every day. You may recognize the term because you are asked for one almost every time you open your computer or turn on your phone, or that you may hope to get one every time you get on a plane.  The purpose of this article; however, is to show you that the word upgrade can be a noun, but this term is much more important to you when you understand it as a verb.

up·grade  (ŭp′grād′) v.

1. To raise the level of something to a higher grade or standard.

2. a.To replace a program or service with a more recently released, enhanced version.

b. To replace a device or product with one that provides better performance.

3. To improve the quality of something with better technology.

4. To exchange a possession for one of greater value or quality; to trade up.

Whether you recognize it or not, you have been upgrading on a daily basis for a long time. I bet a few years ago you used a VCR, a CD player, and read actual books made of non-recycled paper.  You probably also used a map or directions printed or scribbled on a piece of paper to get you somewhere.  You remembered many more phone numbers and surely also called those people from your house phone all while worrying about an astronomical bill for long distance.  You had a TV that took 3 people to move it because it was as big as it is wide and not long ago you spent extra time on a flip cell phone pressing the number 2 three times to get a C.  Your only social network was either myspace, Sega Genesis or hanging out at the local bar.


As you can see from the examples, upgrades are first and foremost about change.  Although I have heard the only person that likes change is a baby with a wet diaper, I don’t believe it. If you have ever waited in anticipation for a new version of your phone, got excited by the delivery of a product you ordered online, or kept checking to see how many likes you received for a new Facebook post, you welcome change much more than you think.

In fact, I would say you love change. Not convinced?  Here are a few more big changes you have likely made in the last few years (and I am sure you could list even more):

Not long ago you looked over your shoulder to back up your car.

You paid for more things in cash and actually went to the store to buy them!

Shaving might have produced more anxiety from the razor burn of your single-blade disposable razor.


And to read this, your dial-up internet would have had you crossing your fingers to connect and then you would check your email address at something like

You should now see you have a strong history and no fear of upgrading your phone, TV, cable package, computer, or car.  But how about upgrading yourself?  Think of yourself as the most most important technology you have.  Just as your other technology is constantly evolving and suggesting an upgrade, I suggest the same goes for you.  Although the programs that operate your phone, computer and TV may have radically changed in the last few years, how about the programs and habits that control your life?  Are you more advanced in your exercise, sleep, diet and work habits than a year ago?  What are the programs you have upgraded in 2015 to rise to the next level?

Upgrades deliver a higher perceived value.  When something has been enhanced or improved, it is worth more.  So, in order to make yourself more valuable you should be on the constant hunt to enhance your personal programs.  If you are not where you want to be in your life, the problem is simply with the current programs you are running.  Change the program, change your life.


You may notice that many of the upgrades you are offered are labeled as “critical.”  This often means if you don’t make the upgrade, your technology with either become obsolete, or even worse, wont work any more.  To make sure you stay on the “cutting-edge,” here are 10 simple upgrades I suggest you make in the new year:


10 Upgrades For Life

Your Nutrition Program:

Upgrade from microwave to fruit and vegetables.

Upgrade from frozen to fresh (not just bars, but real food).

Your Sleep Program:

Upgrade to a better mattress.

Upgrade to 8 hours a night.

Your Exercise Program:

Upgrade to 3-4 days per week.

Upgrade to an improved warmup.

Your Health Program:

Upgrade for a physical/check-up from your doctor.

Upgrade for a dental visit and start flossing regularly.

Your Social Program:

Upgrade the people with which you spend time.

Upgrade the places where you spend your time.

One last upgrade I want to mention is in terms of your education.  Today, from major Universities to all educational organizations, training is moving to an online format. Not long ago, people hungry to attend courses could only do so by attending a live event.  This process cost more time, energy and money.  But, just like the upgrades for your phone, all that has been changed by quality online training.

For the last 10 years, TFW delivered only live events to help people like you to upgrade your knowledge and motivation to the next level. But I am excited to announce the TFW Level 1 Certification is now available online!  Over 3000 trainers, coaches, parents and fitness enthusiasts have upgraded their lives with this course of over 15 hours of training, live webinars and programming content.

This is the final week of registration for the 2015 course.  Registration closes this Friday on January 23.  I look forward to coaching you through the certification.

This will be an upgrade I promise you will look back on with a smile.

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